This article is based off a count of all the searches for the year 2011. I thought this was interesting in who were the top 10! I was more surprised in who wasn’t on the list: Obama? Steve Jobs? Harry Potter 7 Part I and II? The Royal Wedding?

Patent battle? Between two large electronics companies… it sounds like a usual thing, but Apple is determined to sue Samsung for four devices that they believed were copied.

Apple was able to get a temporary hold on Samsung Galaxy S 4G, Infuse 4G, Droid Charge, and Galaxy Tablet 10.1. However, it was removed, and the judge deemed Samsung the winner. Allowing them to continue the sale on these items.

Apple has sued saying that Samsung is infringing on the copyright of the iPad and iPhone. 

Samsung is not in the clear… yet. Apple could still win the overall battle. However, if Samsung changes their design they could sidestep Apple and continue selling their products! 

We talked a lot about copyright, but we did not discuss product infringement. I thought that since we talked a lot about Apple and their products that this was an interesting battle. It seems that most people who have smart phones either opt for the Droid or the iPhone. It will be interesting to see if either one of these companies pulls ahead and creates a monopoly!

This article discusses a new app just released for the iPhone. It replaces Google… what it does is it acts like a slot machine. You search for a topic, and then on the right side of the screen there is a wheel to spin. You can easily access news articles, social media posts, pictures, etc. that have to do with what you searched. 

There are some downfalls, like it is slow and only gives you three results for your search, but unlike a lot of apps that are similar it is very good at relating the topic closely to the results. 

I thought this article was interesting because we have discussed many different apps for smart phones, as well as different ways to browse the web. Many of the sites we visited to elicit information were not very good ones. I wonder if Leap2 will continue to develop into a well designed server, or if it will fail.

Soon to come will be Leap2 for Android!

Today marks the best day of the year for many guys… better than Christmas? Yes!

Kayne West, Jay-Z, Maroon 5, and Nicki Minaj will all be making surprise appearances. And who doesn’t in their right mind want to watch models walking around in $2.5 million lingerie?!

Budget for the show? $12 million! Days Adriana Lima performed a liquid only diet… 9.

Want some more crazy statistics?

Since we have discussed security, and the importance of protecting your computers. I thought I’d share a link of passwords that you all HOPEFULLY are not using!

My favorites are “letmein” and “trustno1”… if any of you are using these passwords… congratulations! You’ve made the 2011 list for the 25 WORST PASSWORDS! Now stop reading and go change it!!

Remember a few helpful tips when creating a password:

1. must have at least eight characters

2. must use four different types of characters: Upper Case (ABCD), lower case (abcd), numbers (1234) and special characters (!@#$)

3. it should not be a name, a slang word, or any word in the dictionary. It should DEFINITELY not include your name or anything related to your email address.

Helpful tip: turn a phrase into a password… My birthday is September, 8 1991

MbiS08@91 (My birthday is September 08 19(@)91.

Don’t try to steal my password… that was just an example!

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!!

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!!

New technology has now allowed a high rise built in Florida to add parking spots on your floor of your flat/apartment!

Many luxury apartments in cities worry about the the plethora of expensive automobiles that their unit owners keep. Now, the building will allow their owners to take a car elevator to their unit and park on that floor!

Technology was not really an issue for our parents’ generation, but now it is becoming a bigger issue when it comes to psychology and sleep. Many teens sacrifice sleep to surf the web and play video games. These sacrificed hours of sleep lead to sleep disorders, depression, and mood swings. Not only does this affect sleep, but sports and school performance.

Creating a curfew and keeping your children’s technology usage in mind will help you to draw a line between healthy usage of technology and unhealthy usage. If you children are going to be connecting with their friends and spending time using the Internet they should not be losing sleep.

I found this article very interesting while dealing with sleep because many of us are so tired when we go to classes in the morning, even if IMS is our first class. Remember when we used to be ready for our 8 am classes in grade school and were ramped up and ready to go for a whole 6 or 7 hours of classes?

Maybe some of us need this technology curfew so we can start to be ramped up and ready for our classes!

After our class discussion of e-books vs. real books, and Kindle vs. iPad… as a supporter of real books I am happy to inform you of the FIVE KILLER features that the Kindle Fire can offer that the iPad can’t! We hope that Kindle will continue to be so popular so that Amazon can continue to sell REAL books!

#1. Unbeatable price.

#2. 7” screen

#3. Unlimited cloud storage (something we focused on in class!)

#4. nonstop streaming

#5. Amazon is the commander

So what do you think? Pick up the Kindle for a reasonably priced Christmas present for a loved one. Obviously, Amazon has taken their time releasing the Kindle Fire, but it has obviously paid off, and just in time for the holiday rush.